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We wish to support the memories of loved ones that have been taken away from us due to acts of domestic and sexual violence. Please send notes, names, photos, of those you'd like posted to this section of our web site.

Tribute to Mary
It’ll Be Alright!
I met Mary Ellen French Vinson, when I was 11 months old. I don’t have many memories of those early years. But that is alright!
Mary was stubborn, studious, thoughtful, and very private. Growing up in our family was of simplicity, hard work and enjoying simple pleasures. My sisters and I would play in the woods for hours building teepees and trying to enhance our baking skills. Soon we would gravitate to Mary’s teepee where she would serve “baked mud pies”.
We would hold rodeo day and let the calves loose. We knew it would be alright… Dad never got mad!
Our vacations consisted of mom packing sandwiches and drinks for our trip to “Blueberry Mountain” or Empire Farm Days. Looking back it was about building loving memories with our family. And these were the simple days that influenced Mary as a daughter, a friend, a sister and a loving mother.
Mom…Mary and I had many talks about what you must have given up for us kids. We marveled at the time you spent with each of us and we would often wonder if we could ever hold a candle to you. Dad was our rock. Mary always wondered if he would be pleased with her new adventure… Hydro Berry Farms.
As a very beautiful young lady, Mary had young men vying for her attention. We went out on a double date, which went from horrible to absolutely hideous. The young man was so nervous he backed over the speakers at the drive-in and could hardly keep the car on the road. Mary had this aching feeling he was going to try to get a quick peck in… Not if Mary had anything to do with it… as the care was pulling in front of the house Mary opened the car door and bolted towards the house leaving me holding the bag! That’s alright…
Mary held many job titles. She was a truck driver, a bank teller, a realtor, and a cage cashier at Tioga Downs and I bet most of you didn’t know she grew mushrooms in her spare bedroom for extra cash. But the most important Mary held the title MOTHER above all other.
I remember the pride that radiated off her face when holding those sweet, sweet babies. The gentle kiss she would apply on their boo-boos… or encouraging words she spoke to them. It’ll be alright…
I will be beholden to Mary for the rest of my life. Mary is the one that took the time to research Lynsey’s symptoms for Graves’ Disease. Mary is the one who spoke those encouraging words. It Will Be Alright!
As of late, mom and us girls would hold birthday parties on our “special day”. Trying to be frugal, Mary and I decide to start sharing birthday cards… So she bought a card making the statement “You’re a year older, Ol’ gal…And suddenly, the headlights are hitting the pavement.” Her last entry in the birthday card said, “but just look up, It’ll be Alright. It’s not that bad getting old.” I don’t know how to make the sharp pain go away or fill the void in my heart that Mary has left behind, but I am sure if I listened carefully I could hear her say, “No worries, It’ll Be Alright.”
I will miss you dearly, Mary!
Your sister, Carol
June 30, 2012
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